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Skip the Airport Parking: Hire an Airport Shuttle Bus in Central Coas

Even in the best situations, airport parking is a hassle. You have to get to the airport early to make sure you can find a parking spot, you often have to park your car outside and far away from the airport (at least to get the best deal) and even at the lowest prices, you are still paying an arm and a leg. You can, of course, look for other places nearby to park and then take a cab or bus to get to the airport, but you can trust that any parking near the airport is going to be expensive. After all, Australia cities have been found ( to be some of the most expensive places in the world to park, and Sydney is near the top of the global list.

Luckily, there is a better option. COASTWIDE Airport Transfers has been operating for nearly a decade now, providing transport to and from the Sydney International and Domestic Terminals. If you need to get to the airport, but would prefer not to take your car and deal with parking, we can get you where you need to go faster than public transportation and at a more affordable rate than a cab or car service. We will pick you up at your door and get you to the airport on time for your departure, and then pick you up and take you home when you return. The entire process is painless and saves you money compared to what you would spend on airport parking—particularly for a lengthy vacation.

For your next trip, choose a better way to get to the airport. Call COASTWIDE Airport Transfers and enquire about our airport shuttle bus service in Central Coast. You can reach us right now on 02 4367 7145.


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