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COASTWIDE Airport Shuttles Go All over Central Coast, from Gosford to Ettalong to Terrigal

If you are flying into Sydney Airport and want to avoid having to rent a car to get around Central Coast, COASTWIDE Airport Transfers has the answer for you! We offer airport shuttles that cover all Central Coast areas, including Gosford, Ettalong and Terrigal.

Regardless of where you are staying on your trip, we can get you there quickly and comfortably in one of our 11-seat shuttles. We run an average of eight trips to and from the airport each day, 362 days a year. We are only closed on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Otherwise, we are always available to provide airport shuttles to Gosford or Ettalong. COASTWIDE even offers after-hours pick-ups, so you can give us a call if your ride cancels at the last minute.

Why Hiring an Airport Shuttle is Better Than Renting a Car

You may ask why you should choose a COASTWIDE airport shuttle over a rental car. What benefits can you get from our service that you wouldn’t get from renting a vehicle for the duration of your trip?

Starting the moment you get off the plane, we believe that COASTWIDE Airport Transfers can provide an all-around better experience than a car rental company. Instead of having to wait in a queue and fill out paperwork at the car rental counter, you will be given a professional reception from COASTWIDE, complete with a driver in uniform and a whiteboard with your name on it.

Once you get on the road, the benefits of choosing an airport shuttle to Terrigal or Gosford become even more pronounced. If you are coming to Central Coast from a foreign country, you don’t have to worry about quickly familiarising yourself with Australia’s highway code. You also won’t have to try to find your way to your hotel or lodging on unfamiliar roads in an unfamiliar place. All COASTWIDE drivers know the area very well, and you can trust that our airport shuttles in Central Coast will get you where you need to go without issue or hiccup. You won’t have to risk getting lost or taking a long, circuitous route to get to your destination.

Even returning to the airport for your departure is easier with COASTWIDE’s airport shuttles in Ettalong and Gosford. We will pick you up at your lodging, take you to the airport and drop you off right at your terminal. You won’t have to leave time to return your rental car and can instead head right through security and to your gate to get on the plane. Your finances will thank you too: COASTWIDE’s rates are affordable and competitive—much better than the high rental rates and fees you’ll pay to rent a car. We don’t even ask you to pay for gas.


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