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Hire an Airport Transfer from Central Coast to Sydney for a Money-Saving Business Trip

Whether you are planning your own business trip or scheduling a trip for one of your employees, saving money is important. According to a report from the Global Business Travel Association Foundation ( (GBTA), business travel spending in Australia in 2012 equalled $21.1 billion. That figure is just a fraction of the company travel spending totals in the United States ($262 billion) or China ($196 billion) but is significant nonetheless. Add the growing business pull of Sydney and other cities throughout Australia, and you can bet that business travel spending has only grown since 2012—and that it will only continue to explode in the coming years.

In short, business travel spending in Australia is big. It’s an important investment to make—particularly if you are flying to Sydney to meet with new clients or to pitch a big presentation to potential investors. Still, whatever you can do to minimise the spending amount is beneficial to your company’s bottom line, and COASTWIDE Airport Transfers can help you in that regard.

At COASTWIDE Airport Transfers, we offer airport transfers in Sydney throughout all Central Coast areas. Between our service and Sydney’s robust public transit system, you can easily get away with not renting a car for your next business trip. The savings from this trade-off can add up to be astronomical over the course of a year’s business—particularly if you or others from your firm have to make trips to Sydney on a frequent basis.

Bottom line, business travel is an expensive proposition. Save money on your next trip, with an airport transfer from Central Coast to Sydney and back again! Click here ( to enquire about our services today.


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