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Three Reasons Taking a Shuttle Bus from Central Coast to the Sydney Airport Is Faster Than Driving Yourself

Are you leaving Central Coast behind for a few days, perhaps for an exotic foreign vacation or an important business trip? Regardless of the reason for your travels, if you are departing by air and have to catch a flight at the Sydney Airport, consider hiring COASTWIDE Airport Transfers to get you there on time.

Sure, you could drive yourself to the airport. However, one thing that we’ve heard time and time again from COASTWIDE customers is that our Central Coast to Sydney airport shuttle expedites the departure time considerably. Here are three reasons you might save time by leaving the car at home and scheduling a COASTWIDE shuttle transport instead.

Why a Shuttle from Central Coast to the Sydney Airport Is Faster

  1. You know when you need to leave the house: Particularly if you are travelling with family, getting out of the house in a timely fashion can be the most difficult part of air travel. You can schedule a target departure time (‘everyone needs to be in the car by 10 a.m.’), but more often than not, you end up blowing right past those targets—whether due to last-minute packing or because someone slept late. When you schedule a COASTWIDE shuttle, your departure time will feel more set in stone. We ask that you be outside your home five minutes prior to your pick-up time, just to make sure we can keep our schedule (and pick up our other passengers). For whatever reason, it’s easier to keep to a ‘leave the house’ target time when there is a third party involved.
  2. You don’t have to drive: Driving yourself to the airport can be a stressful experience—especially if you are running late. When someone else is behind the wheel, you can focus on making sure you have your tickets in order, checking your phone to make sure your plane is on time, doing any last-minute email or otherwise readying yourself for a few hours in the air. Trust us: you’ll feel more relaxed about air travel when you take a shuttle from Central Coast to Sydney Airport.
  3. You don’t have to park: This point is the big one. When you drive yourself to the airport, you have to worry about parking. Leaving aside the fact that it can take forever to find a spot—especially at peak hours or during popular travel times throughout the year—parking your car in an airport lot for a few days or weeks can cost a fortune. When you opt for a COASTWIDE shuttle bus from Central Coast to the Sydney Airport, we just drop you off right at your terminal—no parking or long walks to worry about.

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